"The bureaucracy is a nightmare."
— Olvin Dreamshire, gnome conjurer

Citadelas is the seat of power for the East Kingdom.

It is a sprawling city boasting a massive, multi-cultural population spread out over a number of districts and quarters. While mostly known for its numerous magical colleges and the massive, towering citadel in its center, the city is also a hub of trade, religion and arts.


The East Kingdom is a feudal magocracy and its seat of power is the citadel that sits in the very center of Citadelas.

At the very top sits the Council of Mages. While some of them are in residence in the Citadel itself, most are in faraway locales, preferring to communicate through magical means whenever the Council convenes. Beneath the Council Mages are the Advisors, and beneath them sit the nobility: lords and vassals, to whom the land has been deferred.

The closer one gets to the center of power in the East Kingdom, the harder it becomes to decipher its many codes and regulations. Farther out, however, and rule becomes simpler, with Barons and Lords deciding on local laws and justice. As long as these do not conflict in any major ways with the workings of the Citadel, the Lords and Barons are afforded quite a bit of freedom.

The only exception is that the rulers have some connection to Citadelas in some way. Some common ways: the lords have sent a child to one of the city's many magical colleges to learn magic, the lords are married to a magic-user, or the lords are themselves magic-users. It is very rare to see a ruler with no direct connection to Citadelas, but it is not unheard of.


The military of Citadelas is made up of two parts: the infantry corps and the magical division.

The Infantry Corps is made up of non-magic users who train in the basic use of weapons and armor. They follow a typical regimen and lifestyle one would expect of any well-off feudal society. Soldiers in this Corps can be of any race or origin, as long as they are able-bodied and able to follow orders. While the Corps has its share of Captains and Lieutenants, it takes its orders directly from the Magical Division.

The Magical Division is a much more complex branch of the Citadelas military. Comprised solely of magic-users, it has branches for conjurers, illusionists, evocators, necromancers and many, many more. It is led by a number of powerful wizards and sorcerers, all of whom answer directly to the Advisors.

While the Lords of the land generally have their own retainers and soldiers, when it comes to large-scale war, there are few powers that can stand up to the armies of the Citadelas. Luckily for the Western Kingdom, conquest was never an interest of the Council.

Recent History


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